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In-car sessions

  1. All in-car sessions are maintained and will respect the curfew.

  2. How to schedule in-car sessions?
    Go to your online account on to plan your in-car sessions.
    ​*** If you do not have access to your online account, just ask for a temporary password to activate your account.

    1. In your file, go to "Manage my schedule".
    2. Select the in-car session to schedule.
    3. Make sure that the "Use my availabilities" box is not selected. 
    4. Click on a date in blue in the calendar.
    5. Click on the time and schedule your lesson
  3. Since it is impossible to maintain a 2-meter distance in a car for my driving course, will I have to wear a mask?
    Yes, you will need to bring and wear a mask for each in-car session.
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