Moped driving course (scooter)

You would like to drive a moped to go to your activities, see your friends or go to work? It is possible, but you will first have to take the mandatory moped driving course to obtain a class 6D moped driver’s licence.

Avantage Lauzon’s instructors are here to guide you and to help you obtain your licence! They offer you a course of quality and precious advice to safely drive your moped.


Prerequisites and steps to obtain a Class 6D moped driver’s licence

    • Be at least 14 years of age.
    • Register in a moped driving course at Avantage Lauzon School.
    • Follow the 3-hour theoretical class. The theoretical course must be completed before starting a practical course.
    • Follow the 3-hour practical closed track course.
    • Successfully pass the Avantage Lauzon’s practical evaluation (during the last half hour of the practical course).
    • Successfully pass the knowledge test (and vision test) at the SAAQ.


    Once all these steps have been completed, you will finally be able to drive your moped!

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