You would like to obtain your motorcycle driver’s licence?

Take your motorcycle course with Avantage Lauzon driving school! Our motorcycle instructors offer you their expertise and passion to help you obtain your motorcycle driver’s licence (class 6A). They will teach you the right maneuvers and guide you throughout your training until you pass your on-road driving test during the final step at the SAAQ to obtain your motorcycle licence.

Don’t wait, live your dream of driving a motorcycle now with Avantage Lauzon!


To obtain your motorcycle licence, you need to:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Take a motorcycle driving course in a Avantage Lauzon driving school
  • Pass your theory and driving tests (closed track and on-road) at the SAAQ.
  • Have less than 4 demerit points entered on your driving record.

Advantages of a motorcycle driving course with Avantage Lauzon

  • Experienced, patient, and certified trainers.
  • A program certified by the SAAQ.
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment terms.
  • Flexible schedules (day, evening, and weekends).
  • Recent custom or sport motorcycles.

Summary of our course and the steps to obtain your motorcycle licence

  • Theoretical course–Preparation course for the SAAQ knowledge test
    • Put your knowledge to the test here.
  • Knowledge test at the SAAQ.
  • Theoretical course–Preparation for driving on a closed track (3 h)
    The theoretical course must be completed before starting a practical course.
  • Practical training on a closed track (4 x 4 h)
    • Closed track 1: Initiation to the motorcycle course
    • Closed track 2: Cornering and taking a curve, braking in a straight line and in a curve
    • Closed track 3: Furthering closed track 2 braking.
    • Closed track 4: Furthering and perfection, formative evaluation
  • Theoretical course – Preparation for on-road driving (3 h)
    The theoretical course must be completed before starting a practical course.
  • Practical on-road course (5 x 2 h)
    • Practical on-road course 1: Residential areas
    • Practical on-road course 2: Residential areas and main arteries
    • Practical on-road course 3: Secondary roads
    • Practical on-road course 4: Main roads or highways or both
    • Practical on-road course 5: Downtown, main roads or highways or both
  • Closed track test at the SAAQ
  • Final road test (11 months later) at the SAAQ
  • Motorcycle licence obtained.