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Useful links

  1. Road Conditions

    For road conditions before hitting the road, you can rely on:
    Radio Canada
    The weather Network
  2. SAAQ Advertising Campaign

    The SAAQ is very creative and innovative when they design their advertising campaigns. Their ads aim to raise public awareness to road dangers. You can view these ads by clicking here.
  3. The Quebec driving schools directory

    This site list all the recognized driving schools in Quebec. is your reference for driving schools in Quebec. Click here to access.
  4. Transport Quebec

    If you need additional information about the Highway Safety Code, click here
  5. Transport Canada

    This website gives you more information about roads and transportation. Click here to access it.
  6. Directeur de l’état civil

    If you need a copy of your birth certificate, click here to obtain more information.
  7. The Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency

    Complete your training with the RoadSense program. Click here for more information.
  8. Parental Consent Form for Minors

    The day of your SAAQ exam, it is important to have this document at hand. This form must be completed and signed by the father or the mother of the minor applying for a driver’s license or vehicle registration.
    Click here to download the form in PDF format from the SAAQ website.
  9. Essence Montréal

    The high price of gasoline is still a headache for drivers. Yet there are a few ways to pay less  and save a few dollars when you fill up your vehicle. Click here for more information.
  10.  Quebec Association of Road Transportation

    Visit the Quebec Association of Road Transportation (AQTR) website to learn more about accredited driving schools in Quebec and track events on various topics related to transportation. Click here to access their website.

    This section of the SAAQ website offers young drivers additional information and tips on road safety, such as drinking and driving. Click here to access it.
  12.  Online Maps and Routes

    If you need to find your way, draw your route or simply check for traffic, you can view these online maps providers:
    Google Map
    Bing Map
    Québec 511
  13.  Getting around Québec

    QUÉBECORIGINAL is a website that provides information on the types of transportation available in Quebec and other useful links. Click here to access this website.
  14.  Electrical Terminals in Quebec

    You own an electric vehicle and would like to know the location of electrical terminals near you? Click here to get this information.